Founded On

Being smaller doesn't meant you still won't get that feel of our flagship Cicero location at 6250 State Route 31 off the Cicero Exit from rt 81.


Our focus IS and ALWAYS has been 3 things customer service, customer service, and of course customer service.  Along with fresh meats and knowing that you can talk to the butcher.  

We have thrived in an industry which is turning away from the butcher in every town model.  Our sole purpose in Manlius is to provide our neighbors with a connection to their meats and proteins for their day to day needs.  By opening up this smaller location we are still able to have a selection of deli meats and cheeses to choose from along with fresh baked Columbus bread and local sauces and marinades.

Stop by for lunch and again for dinner we have many options and are willing to go the extra mile to help make your dinner complete.


We are happy to be here in Manlius and we are here to stay. Thank you for coming by and saying hi.